INSUD is committed to communicate the results of the research not only to academics and scientists linked to the areas of work of the project, but also to other sectors of society in order to broaden the knowledge generated within the project.

What are our audiences for the communication of science?

1.- Professionals of organizations linked to natural disasters.

One of the publics for the dissemination of our work are the risk management professionals of the national and local emergency agencies responsible for the administration of natural disasters. Among them we highlight: the CSN of the University of Chile (National Seismological Center); SERNAGEOMIN (National Service of Geology and Mining of Chile) and ONEMI (National Emergency Office). Another of the institutions with which we have an alliance for collaboration is the Geothermal Excellence Center of Los Andes (FONDAP of the University of Chile)

2.- Relationship with the media

INSUD researchers are available to answer media calls as experts in the areas that each one is working on.

3.- Talks and conferences

During the development of our project, INSUD researchers and students will give talks, short courses and other activities  in which they will know the research being done.